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Notes Toward Day 13: Collective Panels #3

What really happened: the live blog

Class-keeping: Reminder that papers are due Friday. Laura’s emailed–please include your name in file name. Anne’s placed in her box. Books in bookstore. Metropolis on reserve.


My first question is that some of your groups are clearly gendered, but what how does technology intersect with gender in your group? In what way does it complicate gender or stratify the group along gender lines? If there is stratification or gender imbalance, what reasons can you give for that imbalance? Historical? Physical?

What led the people in your group to these professions or activities and what role did their attitudes toward gender play in their choices? How did their attitudes about technology affect their choice to become a member of the group?

I’m intrigued by some of the discussion from Monday’s Panel about how the body somehow becomes a site for the intersection of gender and technology (such as with the body builders and with foot binding women). We have figured this intersection as cyborgian at times or of humans becoming machine-like (slightly different ways of looking at it). Do you think the members of your group have such an intersection? In what ways are they aware of it or not? In what ways does their profession or practice depend on this intersection?

From Natasha: First, she discusses how pro-feminist men use technology for their cause. But then goes on to consider:

“Furthermore, are they gender-izing technology by naming a website XY? Does that make the website male? [OK that’s probably a bit of a stretch, but I’m trying to relate the genderizing of technology to pro-feminist men and just trying things out here, experimenting…] Is the website for men? By mostly men? If the website is mainly for men written mostly by men, then maybe they are genderizing the technology”

How does your group use technology, either in the profession or in their lives more generally? And in using that technology, does it become engendered? What is the relationship between gender and the technology your group uses?

From Maddie: “as for my question about technology– “do the pros outweigh the cons”; I ask this because I think people too often assume that this is the case. In class we said technology “makes something easier” but for who? ALL of society? at ALL times? I do agree that we are stuck with it, and should learn how to make the most of it, but if we always jump to the conclusion that technology is a positive push towards… I’m not sure what… ignorance may get the best of us.”

In what ways is technology a positive force for your group or negative? Empowering or disempowering? Creative or Destructive? For your group? For society at large? For certain segments of society?

What really happened: the live blog

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