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A History of gameplay in pictures

2009 April 12
by Laura Blankenship

Here’s a rough history of my gameplay in pictures.  I started with Pong and moved up to playing Quake with an all women’s team. I skipped a whole generation of games–the Nintendo games mostly.  I jumped back in with a PS2, playing Lara Croft.  About the same time, I played Quake online with a bunch of women.  It was a great stress relief.  Once my kids got old enough to play seriously, I mostly played with them–racing games of various kinds mostly.  But I also really enjoyed The SIMS and Civilization as well.  But WoW is the most fun for me, because it’s not *just* about playing a game, but also about socializing.  That was the draw for Quake as well.  I enjoyed hanging out with people in such an interesting context and with a common goal.

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  1. Baibh Cathba permalink
    April 12, 2009

    QUAKE ^_^

    The Holy Grail of gaming.

    Also, I don’t think we addressed the whole “bad women driver” thing (another women in technology issue?)… my brothers think bad driving among women carries over from video games into RL (and visa-versa). I think not! I’m a pretty good driver, even if I don’t really have depth perception because my glasses prescription is so high… er, really. I only crash vehicles into people in HALO, I swear.

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