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How bad is this date?

2009 February 12
by Laura Blankenship

Following on Sugar Spice’s post about robots and pondering how much is too much, I bring you the EyeTable, an artificially intelligent table that can let people know how a date is going.  Although the project is a proof-of-concept type project, it’s funny to me how we often want technology to help us in the areas of human emotion.  At least the EyeTable is conceived of as a partner here and not as the one doing *all* of the thinking.

2 Responses
  1. February 13, 2009

    Has anyone brought up Wall-E yet? It would be interesting to talk about how the robots are gendered in appearance (Eva is sleek and almost sexy, while Wall-E is more dirty, rusty, and sweet-looking) and also their ability to fall in love and have human-like emotions… It’s easily one of the best animated movies ever.

  2. Maddie permalink
    February 13, 2009

    “Also, headsets with motion sensors and microphones? Not sexy.”

    my goodness, how much more unsexual can you get?

    Gotta get back to [insert video game that uses headset here], and my large-chested, full lipped, sexy-eyed avatar.

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