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A Continuation into the next School Year…

2009 September 9
by Baibh Cathba

Okay, so the class is over, but not learning. I haven’t seen any activity on this page towards the end of the summer and at the beginning of the school year, so I thought I’d try freshening up with some links… if anyone is even still reading this blog.

First is this one from Funny or Die: Gender Auditors. Yes, I know, the issue has already been voted on and all that, but what I was interested in was the idea that there is still a possibility of “gender auditing”. Also, what would that mean in terms of the genderqueer, intersex, or transexual marriages? (I know it is a bit of fearmongering on both sides, but really… gender inspection?)

And then on another note the link to Porn for New Moms. Wow. I mean, okay, anonymity on the internet allows for me to say crazy things, but the idea that women find a well-dressed man cuddling babies to be “porn” is disturbing on a few levels. Also… does anyone else find the use of the word “coed” to be confusing? I always thought it meant either a guy or a girl, but apparently it is solely in reference to a girl, preferably horror-movie cute and looser than a seven-year-old’s tooth. Is it scary to think that I escaped such a descriptor by the mere fact of attending a women’s college?

Along the lines of “gender acceptability” type things (and continuing in the “porn” theme), we also have this lovely little link that references a spoof site for the ideal fantasy of every woman… only if she’s heterosexual and married. The married part seems important (even on the spoof sites), because it just seems odd to have a woman who has a sexuality other than “married and wanting husband to do household chores”.

And then, because random questions always come up the later at night it gets, what would it mean to be a woman or a man with no sexual drive as implied in the “porn for women” gag sites? I mean, I think we discussed whether or not it made one more or less of a woman or a man in regard to heterosexuality and homosexuality, but I guess I was just curious about what everyone else thought regarding gender identification if a person felt that they were Asexual?

Okay… that’s probably enough for now. I’ll leave you with these thoughts and hope that I might provoke conversation.

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