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What I got (from gandt)

2009 May 9
by dekman

(part of my self evaluation)

I decided to take this class because I’ve been interested in gender and technology for awhile, and I was interested getting to learn more about it. I’ve been surprised at how little factual information I’ve learned this semester, though I did learn a few things, and was exposed to some pretty interesting literature/movies that I never would have read/watched otherwise. What I have really learned from this class is how to look at things in a new way. We have looked at lot of problems in different ways, relating them to theory, studying individuals, studying the cultures of groups, and looking at issues in fictional representations. We have also examined problems from many different points of view, we approached things from a mathematical point of view, an anthropological one, a film studies one, and so many more. I think that learning that there are pretty much an infinite number of mediums and points of view to look at problems through was the most important thing I’ve learned in this class, and is hopefully something I will be able to apply throughout my life.
I said in my introductory post that what I was most interested in was “how technology complicates things in terms of gender.”, which I now realize is a pretty vague statement. What I meant was, how technology works to widen the gap between male and female, and how technology both simplifies and complicates gender. At the beginning of the semester, it never would have occurred to me to think of gender as technology, I just always thought it was part of who you are. Now I think of the inherentness of “who you are” much more skeptically, this class had really made me think about how nothing grows out of a vacuum, and that includes people.

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