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want to help with my final?

2009 May 7
by Problem Sleuth

Hey, everyone! So, for my final project, I’m making a fake Facebook page. The project is about exploring an identity that only exists online, and not in any actual person. … 264&ref=ts

(you’ll have to log in, but there it is.)

So, this person I’ve created is Elizabeth Amanda Flynn; she goes by Amanda. She is from Valparaiso, IN, and is a Quaker sophomore at Haverford. She’s majoring in Fine Arts, concentrating in painting. She’s pretty outgoing and friendly, has a good memory, clean, keeps appointments and promises. She also gets uncomfortable when things get awkward; not a great peacemaker, tends to fall to pieces a little bit in stressful situations. Overall, though, she’s pretty cool.

I’ll be posting more later about what this person is like, BUT! What do I need from you! She is new to Facebook, and doesn’t have any friends yet. SO! If she sounds like the sort of person you would like to be friends with, friend her! Write on her wall, be nice to her, discuss events that the two of you have planned or are considering planning. At the VERY LEAST, friend her – admit it, you friend people you don’t know all the time, why not friend someone who doesn’t actually exist?

Additionally, if you want to lend a little extra time by being a close friend of hers, that would be awesome – you’d get your picture taken with her in several places, and I might have you write something about her, too. I’ll see how it goes. If anyone has any ideas, input, or suggestions, feel free to let me know. I know a lot of you are BMC students and probably wouldn’t have a chance to come get a picture taken, but please write on her wall, say hi, tell her how much fun you had with her at some event, etc. Treat her like a real person you hang out with. I’ll be writing on people’s walls, too, so we’ll see how it goes.

Again, the link for those who want to help out is … 264&ref=ts and you’ll need to log in to Facebook.

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