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Thing I found…

2009 March 23
by Baibh Cathba

Well… I’m not sure what to say about this, maybe some other people know what to say? The video… words… fail… me…

Is this really how women are viewed? The only thing creepier is that world made out of chocolate… or no! How about: Women like their men Tall, Dark and Handsome

I’m a woman, and frankly I don’t feel the need to molest candy to get my kicks. Also, my world doesn’t revolve around men and being skinny. 😛 Does anyone else find these stereotypes amusing that people use them in commercials all the time? ‘Cause this is more than mildly offensive to me. (Also, dude, if I were that guy in the last commercial, I would NOT boil myself down so I could be eaten at parties. Just saying.) Is this kind of stereotyping similar to the traps that the Haindmaid’s Tale has for their gender roles?

Also in reference to the movie we watched in class, there was a reference (or perhaps shoutout) to METROPOLIS in this video: Many Moons. Cool, eh?

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  1. March 24, 2009

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for linking to my post over at Hathor. Unfortunately, these sorts of ads–portraying women as diet-obsessed, flighty, boy-crazy or otherwise inane–are pretty common. What boggles my mind is that these ads are obviously attracting someone, otherwise why would companies continue to produce them?

  2. Baibh Cathba permalink
    March 24, 2009

    Thanks for commenting! ^_^ (It’s like a politeness war, I must express my thanks to all neighboring countries… and their thank you notes!)

    I think it’s the same people whose marketing strategy involves interviewing girls who are not reading (or thinking?). One of my guy friends thinks it’s super-cool to go up to girls and sniff them, then tell them what perfume they’re wearing. The girls he knows apparently think this is awesome and want to date him. I think that it’s creepy. (He’s also a business major… should I be worried about an influx of more ads that reduce women to major stereotyping in the future? -_^)

  3. Alex M. permalink
    April 1, 2009

    Can I just say I saw this last week and…just…*facepalm* I love marketing and seeing what companies are changing things up, but this made me sad. It made me think of a show I saw on Thursday, called “in the motherhood.” Both are definitely trying to appeal to a certain age group, but in a way that isn’t “you are a women, here is a vacuum cleaner.” While I appreciate the attempt to look at issues of women 30+, I am not sure that saying “you are a 30-year old woman, here is a low calorie snack” is much better. And the one character that always has hot flashes? Really? There has to be a more subtle way to reach your target audience.

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