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2009 January 22
by Guinevere

It’s a pleasure to meet those of you who have already introduced yourselves.  I’m a junior math major, econ minor and now you’re wondering what the heck I’m doing in this class.  I was looking for an English class to spice up my transcript and saw a class with two professors I was interested in working with.  As luck would have it, I’m also quite interested in working with the course material.

I consider classes to be journeys (academic, personal, or otherwise) and I can already see from the first class that this particular journey is going to be very personal for me.  I’m intrigued by the idea of sharing my journey with the world, though it makes me pretty anxious.  Then again, what is learning without confusion, mistakes, and discomfort?

My questions, therefore, center around my relation to the connections between gender and technology.  How did these connections affect the way I identify?  What experiences in my life have their roots in the issues we’re reading about and discussing? How and why did those experiences shape me?

I’d also like to explore the connections between gender and technology in a more objective way, if possible, perhaps I mean to say, a more historical way.  For example, I asked, ‘What experiences in my life have their roots in [these] issues?’  I also want to study the roots of the issues themselves.  Where did they come from?  Were societal/cultural standards the major force behind the interdependence of masculinity and technology? Or are masculinity and technology interdependent for another reason?

Also, what are other women saying about gender and technology? And do I agree or disagree with their views?

Here’s to the start of an intense, rewarding journey!

XOXO, Gwen

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