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2009 January 23
by Hillary

I’m a Biology Major at Bryn Mawr. I was born and raised in Maine as a Quaker. I wanted to take this class because i knew it would be different then anything else i was taking, and its something i wouldn’t necesarily find anywhere else but Bryn Mawr. Something that i have started to see in my self is a number of dualities and a wide range of contradictions to classical culture and many places were i “fit” right in. After the first class I realize that my questions circle around the duality that can be found i feel in most people. The dualities of going against the grain and being a woman who really likes and has a general aptitude for technology, enjoying the construction of things, (and owning my own power tools) but at the same time still having some waspy tendencies to enjoy dressing up and shopping. I can feel the different sides of me pulling me in different directions and i am looking forward to a semester of intraspection and looking at the bigger picture of the ways in which technology affects our and societies views of someone’s particular genderedness.

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