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2009 January 24
by Farhat Rahman

Hi, I am a freshman at Bryn Mawr with plans to major in Economics and minor in Film Studies. Film has been something which I was interested in from a very young age since I literally watch every movie I can lay my hands on! I did want to start off my Film Studies minor with an intro class, but the topics which will be covered in this class seem quite interesting since I never really sat back and thought of how our everyday lives and our gendered identities shaped the technologies that exist today. I feel this class will address the stereotypical issues society has on how women are apparently ‘inept’ to function certain types of contraptions. Then again, I find it funny that my mother seems to know how to run all the technology-related stuff in my house whereas my father is usually curled up within his newspapers. My sister and I once tried to teach him how the computer works but he just brushed us off with the excuse that he had to watch the news. But yeah, that’s my dad.

Technology did play a major role in shaping our existence and it continues to do so to this very day. The implication that toying around with equipments is a masculine act should be changed in the near future. There are many questions that need to be discussed within this class such as: How has gender shaped the way technology is used today? Why do both the sexes undergo some degrees of separation when dealing with certain types of technology? Why is it that a woman is ‘supposed’ to lack knowledge and be less exposed to particular types of technology?

I look forward to the class discussions which will answer all my queries above.

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