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2009 January 27
by Ashley

Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a junior at Bryn Mawr majoring in Anthropology. I find it to be extremely funny how everytime I tell people my major they give me this confused gaze and say “that’s an interesting major, what made you choose that?” I assume that immediatly they think of bones and picture me somewhere making discoveries of fossels. I find myself having to always explain that this is not all Anthropology majors go on do; there reaction then turns from a slightly confused state to one of interest. After I complete my undergrad degree, I plan on going to grad school to get my MBA in marketing which is why I became interested in taking this course.
I am very interested in this class because it will explore the connection between gender and technology. This is definetly something that has a great impact on our everyday lives but we never really take the time to step back and analyze what is really going on an how these images in the media are minipulating our views of gender. I am very excited to learn more about this topic and hope that I will leave with a better understanding of how I can utilize my Anthropology background and my interest in marketing to gain a better perspective of the actual affects gender has on technology and vice versa.

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