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Roldine: An Intro

2009 January 27
by Roldine Richard

Being as I just joined today, I’m playing catch-up on blogging. In any case, here (is a small snippet of who) I am.

My name is Roldine. I’m a freshmen at Bryn Mawr, probably a Sociology major with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality. I’m from West Orange, New Jersey, a suburb outside of Newark. I was shopping this class because I few friends recommended it to me. I decided to stay because I never thought about how gender affects our relationships with technology historically and culturally, and how technology affects our gendered relationships. Particulary, how society uses gender to allocate the appropiate uses of technology i.e. ([stereotypically] women using hairdyers and men using tractors). I was surprised at how many questions and ideas the first class evoked. I’m excited to see what thoughts the discussion turns up and what everyone has to say!

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