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Another late intro…

2009 January 28
by Alex M.

Hi, I’m Alex M. I am a junior psychology major at Haverford College and I’m from New Jersey. Academically, my interests generally tend to center around development and neuroscience, but I also enjoy English classes and try to take one each semester. This class appealed to me because it takes me fairly far out of my element as I have never taken a Gender and Sexuality course or one on technology, but I am eager to learn something new.

The intersection of technology and gender is not something I considered before looking at this class, so my questions are fairly basic. How has gender come to interact with technology over time? Are the depictions of gendered technology useful or beneficial? Is it possible for technology to be completely gender-neutral? I am sure these are questions we will be discussing and thinking about all semester and I look forward to the many answers that we will come up with.

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