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utopian technology

2009 January 28
by lparrish

What I want technology to do for humans is, figuratively, lift them up.  Maybe I am being too optimistic, but I think that technology can help to break down the gender binary.  I worry that in this time of economic downturn, however, the class divide will be furthered by the relative ease in which the affluent can access technology and information while the financially underprivileged members of society will not have such access.  Intelligent machines are a scary thought – memories came to me of the movie “A.I.: Artificial Intelligence”.  The film’s robots were so life-like that they understood guilt, loss, happiness, the ability to murder, and could even have sex with humans.  Although I do not see how it is possible, I would see a utopia in the relation between man and technology to be at the point where man’s contribution to technology furthered its use and productivity, while the technology would support “the little man”… or in my case, the 5’2” woman.  The technology would have to be completely beneficial to its creator and only that creator would have to be responsible for the way in which the technology increased or decreased disparity of gender, sex, race, class, etc.

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