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2009 January 29
by Mista Jay

Hello everyone! I wanted to post this earlier, when I realized that everyone else was posting their images, but I was plagued with computer problems, so here I go now–hope I’m not too late!

When I was reading Halberstam’s article, I came across the critique of Mary Daly and Jane Caputi and I believe I agree with Halberstam’s response to their notion that the “natural” and “organic” essence of a woman is corrupted when she becomes associated with technology. In fact, I believe that my version of utopia would be a blend of both, the organic and the artificial. As Cat said in class: she would rather be a goddess than a cyborg. I would have to admit that I agree with that partially. I do not think there is anything wrong with embracing a woman’s “organic” qualities, yet at the same time I do not believe that this is an excuse to reject “the artificial” due to fear of “corruption”. Instead, I would like to have a mix of both, hence why I picked this photo: the cyborg woman is indeed a member of the “artificial” but at the same time she still has her heart, and I especially like that it is where her mind is–it is as though she is embracing “the artificial” while still keeping the core of her “natural” self.

….Actually, hold that thought! It’s not letting me post my image, because there is not enough space?  Either, way, I don’t want to hotlink, so if anyone is interested in seeing the image then type in “cyborg heart” and it should be the fifth-ish picture. I’m sorry! If anyone wants to comment on my post as to how I can upload my picture, I’d be grateful!

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