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“Closer”, my favorite play/film

2009 February 1
by lparrish

My favorite play and film is “Closer” and I had never realized it before, but the women are excluded from using computers.  The two men chat online.  One man pretends to be a woman, seducing the man into having cyber-sex.  This thought was sparked by another student’s post which spoke about the way in which an online community allows a person to dawn a sex or gender identity which is not their own.  Do the ideas of men being controlling and women being manipulative/seductive carry over into the cyber community?  How could one know for sure without certain knowledge of the subject’s sex/gender?  I believe the cyber community could, therefore, be a “place” where stereotypes can be eliminated.  This is still an idea I am wrestling with, but I think there is a lot to explore here.

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