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Girls shouldn’t wrestle

2009 February 1
by Maddie

So, my post is a bit late but I have a GREAT excuse. Over the weekend I was making an attempt to wrestle a guy friend and in the process cracked a rib. sooo I spent my day in the ER, getting my lungs x-rayed, hence the late post.

somewhat unrelated, at the beginning of last week i watched an episode of a show i found online called “gender rebel”. The episode I saw was about 3 women that felt they could neither identify as male nor female. they were biologically women, but basically agreed that they were at a point inbetween– they refered to themselves as “genderqueer”. two of the three individuals had significant others, both of which were other (bioligical) women, yet neither couple wanted to be identified as a lesbian couple. Instead, One significant other called herself a “boifriend” and I believe the other identified as genderqueer as well.

To integrate the topic, one individual on the show was preparing to have a surgical breast reduction on her size B chest (pictured above from She recalled hating her breasts the second she hit puberty, and was usually uncomfortable in anything but a high-impact sports bra. Another genderqueer individual was nervous to tell her mother that she had been binding; or using an ACE bandage to restrain her chest underneath her size small men’s polo shirts. Ideally, this individual wanted to look like a 16 year old boy, and if people stared in attempt to guess her gender, she hoped they would mistake her for a gay male.

further integrating the topic, like I said, I was in the ER with a cracked rib all day. there’s not much that can be done for this injury except, ironically, wrap me tightly with an ACE bandage, around the spot of injury… which is directly under my chest. Despte the pain, I laughed as the male doctor helped to professionally bind my boobs, and did in fact feel like a 16 year old boy. that’ll teach me to wrestle with the guys. (please note: sarcasm.)

here is a link to clips of Gender Rebel– it said it could not be embedded, but if someone else finds a way by all means let me know.

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