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Who am I?

2009 February 8
by Kalyn Schofield


My name is Kalyn and I’m a sophomore. I enjoy music, video games, reading, computers and all sorts of movies. I also have a sound appreciation for magic tricks and anything funny. I’m considering a possible major in psychology but I haven’t declared yet.

I decided to take this class in order to broaden my horizons of what gender means. Since I have strong interests in computers I naturally gravitated towards ideas that a gender and technology course could develop. I’m hoping this class will give me a different take on gender within the twenty first century. I’m specifically interested in how the media manipulates gender today and what technological innovations await in the future with cyborg robots.

I want to consider what makes people gravitate toward a specific gender? Little girls can and do act like boys and vice a versa. As they grow older societies norms push boys in a masculine direction and girl’s in a feminine. Why do some people go along with this and other’s do not?

I also what to know, to what extend does gender get associated with “non-gendered” items and why? For example, men are often associated with giving their automobiles and ships female names. Why is this? Is there any point in giving an obviously female name to an inanimate object? What does this mean about gender for both the person who gave the name and the object that carries the name?

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