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I love PBS

2009 February 15
by Hillary

So I grew up without cable, which ment I really only ever watched PBS and now when I go home, we still really only watch PBS. So while I was researching for my paper I came across some interesting shows and rememberd some other one’s that I thought fitting for this class.

“Doping for Gold”

This is an episode from Sectrets of the Dead about the East German female athletes that were part of a huge government run doping program so that the country would win in international sporting events. The episode shows what happened to these women and where they are now. VERY INTETRESTING, I really recomend that people watch it (you can steam the video from the website)

Rosalind Franklin

This is the coresponding website for the NOVA episode about Rosalind Franklin, the person I picked for the pannals. She was a scientist in England in the 40’s and 50’s and was crucial in the discovery of the structure if DNA, but she is often over looked.

A Walk to Beautiful

This is an episode of NOVA that tells the story of women in Ethiopia who are left with fistulas after childbirth. A fistula is a hole/tear/rip between the birthcannal and either the urithra or the anus. The documentary is about a hospital run by an English ex-pat Doctor and how the relatively simple surgery has changed these women’s live completely. They go from being treated lower then dirt, to humans again. This is the compainion website, but you can also watch the episode online.

Interacting with Humans

This is just a little profile from NOVA Science Now about a woman at MIT, Cynthia Breazeal, who is making robots, and they are very cute robots!

Just thought I should share some of the things i’ve found in the last few days. There is alot on the NOVA website, and alot of episodes you can watch. Hope you all enjoy!

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