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2009 March 1
by Maddie

My lingering question from class on wed. was in response to someone saying “men treat men, women treat women”. (my apologies– I’m not sure if this was the male nurse group or the women healers) I wanted to know if the expert on male nurses saw any connection, if at all between the field of male nurses and male gynecologists.

I thought it was interesting that in individuals’ name cards, comments, and in Anne’s graphic diagram, sex and gender were used exchangeably. Male nurses, female phone operators, women healers, female operatives and women truck drivers… is there a difference between professions that are male or female dominated vs. men or women dominated? I could understand the argument that women-dominated jobs are those which are more social: phone-operators (social) vs. truck driver (I assume less social). This, however, would stem from the frequently made assumption that “women are more social beings”, but I’m not sure if this is a socially constructed belief or not…. are females the more social being or are women?   I’m pretty sure sex and gender are often seen as one in the same, and are only distinguised when biology comes into play, so its very possible that this is just a case of over-analysis.

it was also interesting when we started talking about women being “trapped” in a profession. I’m guessing this was refering to women socially being trapped in a profession, but I thought it was funny (see:ironic) that the female (woman…) truck driver spoke about women literally being trapped… in their trucks.

more over-analytical philosiphizing to come…. stay tuned.

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