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Male Pregnancy: Take 2

2009 March 14
by Kalyn Schofield

The site is a web site that was created to introduce people to the concept of male pregnancy. The elaborate hoax web site uses everything from message boards to a fake “in production” video documentary to show a pregnant man named Mr. Lee Mingwei.

Unlike the other web site of “Genochoice” I found this web site to be much more real. If I had stumbled across such a web site through google I would have believed this one! The web site home page has statements claiming from an Innovations in Health Care  that “RYT Hospital is among the finest hospital in the world.” The web site also utilizes various sources such as USA Today, U.S. News, and Oprah to make the visitor think this is a real event with just a 20-30 second glance at the homepage.

I watched the seven minute video feed and thought it was really well done. People actually thought this man was pregnant and it really opened up a dialogue for males and females about male pregnancy. I also thought people took it much more seriously than the article we read previously regarding Mr. Beatie. Which instead of opening up a conversation about male pregnancy it simply started debated about what gender was ranging from biological to psychological. I think that situation seemed less true because within that article a lot of people just felt that the pregnant individual was simply originally a female that now looked like a man. So the idea of this person being pregant was not really shocking. It was nice to see that Mr. Beatie was actually congratulated on their web site as a “fellow father.”

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