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2009 April 3
by Cat Durante

1) I suppose the connection I viewed first was the ambiguity of the future of technology and gender’s relationship. All four representations had an open ending for the reader/audience which does give a sense of possibility in that the interaction between gender and technology can be extended further. Also, some divisions of technology seem to be the cause of a dystopia for a lot of the works. I see a parallel with this in today’s world, our love-hate relationship with it and our frustrations when technology doesn’t work…to the extent that it is a big disappointment.

2) Before this section we had really only spoke about the contributions of technology to life and even specific persons’ lives. I think this section really showed the limits of those contributions and the lack thereof…technology was the villain in this section and I liked this different view since the world we live in is predominantly technology positive.

3) I really enjoyed working with different people in small groups and then sharing those thoughts with the rest of the class. The exercises within the groups were great too…everything seemed to have something rich to contribute. I particularly like when we get into groups where everyone has something in common like when we split up into major groups or favorite watchmen character.

4) I seem to only be able to post by logging out and then logging in again. It would be nice if there was a button where I could just add a post directly.

5) So far posting has been very easy and viewing the comments have gone well.

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