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The World’s First Robot Scientist

2009 April 3
by AH

So I was just minding my own business and biding my time until work when I found an article about a robot named Adam which supposedly just made the first autonomous scientific discovery by a robot. While I don’t have the time to percolate over the meaning of it all, I thought that I’d post this up here and see what other people think. This is an article on the robot on Lab Spaces and this is a webpage on the BBSRC (“Bioscience for the future.”) site where it actually shows the robot in a video and pictures. I found it particularly interesting to note that I had to go through a series of sites with pictures of humanoid robots before I actually got to see the real Adam. ForĀ  example, this one on Gizmodo. Also, the next scientific robot that they want to make will be called Eve.

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