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3rd Quarter Feedback

2009 April 5
by DC

1. what connections have you seen among all the imaginative representations of gender and technology that we’ve looked @?

utopia/eutopia is subjective. one person’s ideal is another person’s imperfection. metropolis, THT, and watchmen all show social divides that were thought to be ideal but became corrupted somehow. perhaps we’ll just have to settle for anti-utopias.

2. how do these works contribute to your understandings of gender, technology or the relations between them?

metropolis-biology is compared to technology especially in the “activation” of the evil maria scene. her circulatory system lights up. perhaps anatomy and physiology are the machine parts of the body.

THT-women are biological machines in that those with viable ovaries must reproduce; their ovaries are their only value in Gilead society.

watchmen-gender stereotypes can still appeal to the masses.

3. any other feedback about how the class has been working the past three weeks, w/ all the small group work we’ve been doing? are there other things you’d like to be doing in class that we haven’t done yet, or that you’d like to do more of?

i like the small group then big group configuration. it’s easier for me to collect and voice my thoughts in smaller groups.

i’m not a big fan of role playing. having to speak from the point of view of silk spectre II was difficult and frustrating since i could not identify with her at all. i could not identify with any of the characters, in fact, although i was intrigued with the premise of the graphic novel–kill millions to save billions.

4. what concrete suggestions do you have in particular about wordpress functionality? (Laura and Anne have started a log here….)

i copy and paste all of my papers from a word document onto the posts on this site for web papers. i just wish there was some way wordpress recognized paragraph indentations therefore i wouldn’t have to go back and reseparate paragraphs.

5. what has your experience been with posting and receiving on-line commentary on your papers?

see above. other than that, no complaints.

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