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Meez and Roger (Roger and I?)

2009 April 5
by Hannah Mueller

Above are my avatars.  I found that I didn’t love any of the clothes on any site if I was looking at from the perspective of, what epitomizes what I would wear or look like.  I came it trying to make it look most like me, but that effort is probably doomed to fail for anyone.  (The middle one, from Yahoo! avatars, looks most like how I would dress but is still way off the mark.)   So, I choose those pants just because I think they’re funny, and I tried out being a guy, who seems to have turned out like a biker dude/hipster/nerd?  🙂 Not sure what this really says about my multiple inner selves, a la Case from “Tinysex and Gender Trouble.”

On another note,

This video is from the website of my favorite magazine, GOOD. They have a daily online news show with 1-2 minute reports on interesting stuff. I thought of GOOD News because its host is Roger Numbers, a skinny, blue, male avatar. When I first saw him I thought he was kind of a strange choice, first because he’s blue, and also his voice is that of a young man (thought he’s bald?) who speaks haltingly and without much emotion. The effect his designers were going for, I imagine, was “cool.” After watching him for several episodes, I find him pretty likeable…though in the context of this class everytime I see him I think, why not a woman? Did the designers even consider that option?

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