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Third Quarter feedback

2009 April 5
by Hillary

1.) What connections have you seen among all the imaginative representations of gender and technology that we’ve looked at?

I don’t know about connections, but i have found it interesting to look at so many different types of representation of gender and technology. There really is quite a veriaty out there and it is a real testament to the creative capabilities of people. Watchmen is really different then Handmaid’s Tale which is different then Metropolis. I guess one thing that i noticed through out the things we looked at was a sense of people and technology being part of something larger; Metropolis: all the workers and thinkers were needed to keep the city running, Handmaid’s Tale: everyone had a job in the new country, Watchmen: the whole novel is about the human condition and wether the watchmen can control/effect the human condition.

2.) How do these works contribute to your understandings of gender, technology or the relations between them

I think they have added to my understanding of jobs being a type of technology and that jobs are often gendered.

3.) Any other feedback?

I liked the variety of representations that were chosen for this section of the course.

4.) WordPress Functionality?

not bad, i run another blog for a on-campus club so i feel pretty proficient with it. I like that it is easy to learn how to use, but you can do quite a bit. There are limitations, but for the job it fills here, it works quite well.

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