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Oh Dear, Second-Life…

2009 April 7
by Mista Jay

I’m with you Solomon , I’m no good at Second Life either! Here are some screen shots of my experience:

Flying was cool, I have to admit.

This is about the time my head started to spin–so many boxes and instructions….

Then someone who had the same avatar as me ran up to me…but didn’t say anything. Except send me a friend invite.

Then just as I was about to leave, a man  (or is he?) started to speak to me and after talking for a short while he asked me if I was new. I said that I was, and he invited me to “explore SL” with him. I accepted because I had no idea what I was doing. The FIRST thing he asked after I accepted was my age, which I didn’t give and then he said he was 40 and that he hoped I didn’t mind. Again, I didn’t answer him. By then I was ready to leave the game, but then “Candy,” my avatar twin, found me again and we all started to local chat. She was lost & confused too like me (and ended up making herself bald in the game later on) so he offered to help us both and teleported us to get “freebie” items. I took about, 2 things…it was really crowded. I couldn’t even teleport properly…when I arrived at the destination I couldn’t figure out how to land properly.

One of the things that “nessie Elton” said that I thought was interesting was when both Candy and I showed intrest in getting new clothes (my starting outfit made me want to cry), and he said “To get clothes u have to have money….to make money u have to look good.” I don’t know, I think it just struck me as a very honest way of putting things.

Also, I wondered if “nessie Elton” would have helped me if I were male?  Also, he seemed awfully persistant in getting me to change clothes. He even found a “school girl” outfit for me, and noted that there was lingerie around as well. I left shortly after that.

And that concludes my adventures in SL! It was way more confusing then i thought it would be…and I kind of understand where Laura was comming from on Monday after talking about her nude experience in the game–when I teleported to the room full of people, I felt a bit shy…just as I would feel if I went into a room full of people in real life. Even in talking to “nessie Elton,” who did creep me out a bit, a part of me kept saying: “Be polite, be polite, be polite!” as I would try to be IRL. That is, until I felt too uncomfortable and just left.