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Self-censorship project in SL

2009 April 7
by Hannah Mueller

The issue of self-censorship came up in class on Monday in relation to what we choose to represent or leave out about ourselves online.  Immediately I thought of Exposing the Censor Within from the National Coalition Against Censorship (where I’m interning this summer!).  It’s a traveling exhibition in real life that asks people to write anonymous notes about times when they’ve self-censored.  The fantastic part is that this project is also a “place” in Second Life.  You can visit it through the link above.  I haven’t actually done it yet, but I plan to try and report back.

As far as my own SL experience so far, I agree with Laura, it’s very counter-intuitive and awkward when you’re a newbie!  I went into the Spanish world and I was talking to a 19 yr old woman from Colombia (maybe?) who gave me some free clothes, but they sounded strange and I couldn’t really figure out how to use them.  As Mista Jay points out with her photos, there’s so much text to deal with!  But I’m really intrigued and want to explore more.

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