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Online sex

2009 April 11
by Farhat Rahman

Apparently, cybersex is viewed as a form of psychological disorder since people who do sit in front of their monitors and just let their fingers glide over their keyboards can experience a wide range of sexual pleasures which they  probably fail to get physically in the real world. The cybersex addict’s life is similar to the types of addictions that other people have with gambling, alcohol and drugs. What I don’t understand is how people can even derive such sex drives by lounging around chat rooms and by looking at pornographic sites (these sites are more explicit, but still!). Is the lack of intimacy and the excessive social awkwardness the main contributors to such behavior? Some common sense should be applied when one tries to start up a relationship online since the lines between what’s fake and what’s real is blurred in those territories. Some people either take it seriously or they might just get depressed when their fantasies come to an abrupt end.

This article I found can give readers a lot of information about the impact of cyber sex on the community as a whole- nytimes/cybersexbehavior

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