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Beautiful Oblivion

2009 April 12
by Problem Sleuth

well, after that whole Second Life debacle, I decided to switch to something I understand better.

very much a win for me.

I’m an ENORMOUS fan of the Elder Scrolls games (ok, Morrowind and Oblivion) and when we started talking about making avatars, I thought a little about the characters I’ve made.

Intriguingly (to me), I really prefer to play female characters in video games. It’s wholly possible that this is just because I find them prettier; hard to say. Anyway. Here’s the first character:

This is Senn. That’s a statue of her in the background, for clarification. What’s interesting to me is that I tend to think of characters as having their own distinct personalities in this game. Senn’s amuses me; she believes with all sincerity that everything in the world belongs to her, and that some of it just happens to be in other people’s possesion at present. The most interesting thing is that she treats other people (Non-Player Characters) the same way I treat the game’s NPCs: as expendible at best and as playthings at worst. Killing someone for a pocketful of gold is standard practice, simply because she sees the world in kind of a mist, and the only things that stand out are shiny.

Essentially for fun, I decided to try to create a very complete personality for a new character and attempt to play Oblivion while adhering to that personality as closely as I can. This may even end up being my multimedia project for this section, if I can find enough time to sink into it. Anyway. Here she is:

This is Mezzo, new enough to the adventuring game that she doesn’t get a statue. I’ve been taking a lot of screenshots of her adventures, and trying to flesh out her personality in my mind and adhere to that. Ideally, I’ll get a first-person journal going complete with screen captures to illustrate what’s going on in her little world. Good times.

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