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Gaming Till Your Thumbs Fall Off – Weekend of Games

2009 April 12
by Baibh Cathba

a cartoon concerning business and women…

I’m a big fan of PC gaming. (yes, this is different from console gaming). I used to spend hours playing “Command and Conquer” as Tatanya (the only Russian I knew… aside from, the thick accent on Tatanya herself). I also enjoyed “Sim Ant” (which is Sooooooooooo boring to me now), “The Sims”, “Neopets”, and “Kingdom of Loathing”. I also knew of actual online RPG/MMORPG games, but never really wanted to play games where I wasn’t the god of the simulated creatures’ world. (Mmmmm. Fond, FOND memories of “Sim Life”).

This changed when I found WOW. WOW, AKA World of Warcraft, is a MMORPG. MADE OF WIN! *ahem*, sorry. It’s just very exciting. I ended up playing in WOW a lot (not only for thesis, but also for this class! Whoo! Double reason to be gaming, what?) this weekend. I often find myself applying things that we learned in class, so it’s kind of fun ^_^.

I found a few crazy names, and a character dressed like a pirate… I wasn’t even on an Role Playing server!

Meh, not sure where the rest of this post was going anyways. Normally I’d talk more about WOW, but I think after rapid-fire posting three things today I’m done.

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