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Nothing to Do With Gaming

2009 April 12
by Baibh Cathba

FASHION! Yes, that’s right… I do also read Vogue. I’m a girly gamer, I admit it. (Dang, mentioned gaming, gotta work on that :P)

Okay, not that girly, but I do enjoy reading fashion magazines (I mean, OMG! Isn’t that the whole reason to play Rock Band one and two? The clothes? I mean, the shooooooooooooes, the guitars, the mics, the whole arsenel of consumerist abilities!) and I noticed in a past Vogue article about Body Padding was quite pertinent to our previous conversations regarding the body as a technology. Thought y’all might have some interest. Also this slideshow of images of beauty from Vogue is an interesting look at art and technology. The Last photo is especially interesting (because it does relate a little to the “strength in gaming” issues regarding women) as it has the skinniest model alive holding a monstertruck aloft.

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