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Still Working with Second Life

2009 April 12
by AH

Alright. So I just spent two and a half hours of my homework time attempting to maneuver in Second Life again. I spent too much of my time getting my view caught outside of the dressing tent in a freebie mall place. Way too much of my time for my last two tries has also had my character bald since I couldn’t figure out how to get off the assigned hair originally and then I managed to lose it all together. My one and only conversation in Second Life with another player was this: “Hey, Ciara, what happened to your hair?” My only response was “Working on it.” But apparently that’s not a satisfactory answer so they gave me some places where I could get some hair. I wasn’t intending to be bald, but what’s so wrong with it anyways? I spent a good portion of my first hour or two on Second Life as a weird conglomeration of a crippled looking person with random bulgy parts of something that may have been a dragon bursting out of my thighs and neck. But nobody commented on that. There weren’t any¬† “Hey Ciara, what happened to your body?” Perhaps I scared away everyone with my lagging internet speed and terrible skills at dressing.

Well, anyways, that’s what happened last time. This time I finally managed to get appropriately dressed and set off to teleport to interesting worlds through random key words and clicking. I found some weird places, but never found any people. This has got to be the most empty video game I have ever seen. Eventually I returned to Bryn Mawr just to feel more at ease with myself and my character. Somehow it just seemed safer than the place with giant mushrooms that was through the crazy kaleidoscope portal.

Some screenshots for your enjoyment:

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