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Don’t panic!

2009 April 20
by Laura Blankenship

The mantra of HHGTTG applies to multimedia projects too. Although not everyone is panicking and none of you really should, I do recognize that this project is very open-ended and very different from what many of you have encountered in your college or high school careers. First I want to remind you of my post that explains a little of how I put my projects together–although you definitely do not have to do something like what I did. Second, I just wanted to post a few of the ideas that people have tossed around with me in individual conferences. Anyone who wants to add to this should feel free to.

  • A collage/poster which may be put together with Glogster or may be literal cut and paste around the idea of online/offline identity.
  • A movie using Xtranormal or something like it to emphasize the contrast between human and machine.
  • A journal-like presentation about a game character, using screenshots from the game itself.
  • A powerpoint-based image presentation around the idea of the way women are represented in games.

These are just a few of the ideas that people tossed around and they may have morphed since we had our conferences. In the “More About Multimedia” post, I linked to Alan Levine’s 50 Ways to Tell a Story wiki that links to many multimedia tools. The first 10 or so are standard powerpoint-like tools, many of which allow you to upload a PowerPoint presentation and it turns it into a web-based slide presentation or even a movie. Since many of you are familiar with PP and how it works, this is a good option. Don’t let the technology be a barrier. It’s great if you try something new, but if it’s keeping you from sharing your ideas, use something else that you’re more comfortable with.

Other possibilities:
(this one from Baibh–>):
There is a program on most windows machines called Windows Media Maker which edits video and sound (it takes most .avi and .mkv files, but it will not take quicktime).

(this one from Melanie’s search–>): Mosaic Maker…

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