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Questions for Lisa Meeden and Dianna Xu

2009 April 22
by Mista Jay

I think one of the things that struck me the most while reading “Out of time: Reflections on the programming life” was when Ellen Ullman described creating a user interface via, e-mail, without ever really speaking to her other two team members. I know that such an environment would make me extremely uncomfortable–even if I wasn’t the one talking, I would at least feel more comfortable to hear someone else speak. It wouldn’t even have to be to me!

# 1. So I’m really curious if during any time in either of your careers, you had to work in an environment similar to this? How did it feel? Was it natural, or did it become natural over time? If you never really worked in such an environment, how do you think you’d feel, or would you simply not want to work there?

# 2. Also, for a broader question: How much do you find yourselves relating to Ellen Ullman? Have you had similar experiences, but different reactions? Is there anything she has written that you disagree with?

Thank you for coming to speak with us!

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