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multimedia projects

2009 April 26
by Cat Durante

hey everyone! I’m sorry this post is a couple hours late. Ironically, I had a virus on my laptop for the past week and everything’s been out of whack and I feel like I’ve lost something of myself. How appropriate since we’re wrapping up the course and trying to decide where our “real” and virtual self lie. 

I really want to say congrats to everyone on a really great job for the projects. I’m not sure if this project was as difficult for all of you as it was for me but everyone raised really great questions about the overlap between our online lives and what we do everyday in the physical world. Some projects were really creative in ways I never even thought to express. I’m very interested in hearing more about Alexandra’s project that mimics Anne’s notes every week. I think what makes the notes so interesting is how the conversation goes out of the screen and into our words and it would be nice to have her walk us through her concepts. Roison’s project was very informative and done to create a great impact and I’d love to hear how she came across the subject and what compelled her to center her project around this topic. I’ve heard this from others, but Rebecca’s “technological embroidery” is sooo cool. I’d love to hear her talk about those origins. I would above all love everyone to explain why they chose the topic they did and the manner in which they did it. Well done everyone!

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