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Multimedia projects and questions

2009 April 26
by Marwa

The projects were all very different and unique. Each has its own message and method/style to convey that message. I liked having this assignment sort of open-ended, letting us explore creativity along with thinking. It might also have opened a lot more questions than a conventional paper would have. It was great to be able to choose our own tool to portray our argument.

What made me nervous though was the fact that I could not be sure that my project will work or can be viewed by my professors and other students the way I could be positive by dropping off the assignment in the office or even putting it up on the blog. My video, for example, was working all right the first day, and then the music stopped working the next day because of copyright issues. I had to change it to something else from a list of approved music, one that I am less fond of than the one I had originally. People viewing it would have just thought that I did not put any music – they would not have known that it was uploaded incompletely the way they would have had I mistakenly uploaded one-half of my paper instead.

Question to project-makers: A lot of you (including myself) asked questions in your presentation for the audience. How would you answer the questions yourself? What did you learn about technology in this multimedia-presentation-making process?

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