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Multimedia Projects

2009 April 26
by Ruth Goodlaxson

Looking through the projects, the thing I noticed the most was how the media being used effected what was being said, and how I understood. A lot of people paired images with text, and having the two sources of information at the same time was really different than just reading a paper. It was like visual support for a verbal claim – the two working together made the argument/point more relevant. The projects which were all image were a little different; for those, I don’t think I understood the argument without the text to explain it. Maybe “understood” is the wrong word – I just took away an understanding based more on instinct or emotion, I guess.

I guess my biggest question for everyone who made the projects is how much an awareness of other people’s projects effected how you made yours. While I was making mine, I had an uneasy sense that mine was going to be “different than everyone else’s,” which objectively isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but made me really nervous. Were you thinking about what other people were doing or not? If you were, did that change how you worked?

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