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Project Observations and Questions

2009 April 26
by Roisin Foley

I’ve noticed that these projects allowed people to ask a LOT of questions without necessarily feeling the pressure to come up with some grand conclusion after asking all those questions. Sometimes papers can be restrictive because you can’t bring something up if you can’t prove/disprove it. With this, people seemed to feel free to question without answering. I’ve also noticed that most of these were much more self-focused than our previous classwork. People felt comfortable using their own lives as examples and drawing from their own experiences more than in an academic paper.

I’ve learned a lot. Practically, I learned how to use a presentation tool that I probably wouldn’t have experimented with otherwise. I also learned that I can make an effective argument outside of traditional paper format. I came into the project thinking that the format would make it easier to obscure an argument further, but it actually made it really easy to streamline and only use the important information without having to produce any filler. I’ve also learned that considering the relationship between gender and technology from a personal standpoint is probably the most useful way to consider it, or from the standpoint of an issue about which you have very personal feelings.

My questions for the project-makers are: what did you learn about yourself in the process of making this project? Did you come to any conclusions about your personal conception of gender, technology, or gender and technology? How will this project inform your academic work/life in the future?

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