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Inspiration for my Multimedia Project

2009 April 27
by Shikha

I really enjoyed doing this project. I enjoyed looking at other people’s projects even more. I was scared because it was so open-ended, but I am now grateful that it was. It allowed everyone to talk about whatever it was that interests them and add their own individual flair to it. Unlike the papers, I did not to stop thinking about my project after I submitted it. In fact, I’m still trying to find a program that will let me make a video like I had originally envisioned it.

The hardest part for me was getting started. It took me a while to find information on my topic and make a story out of it. My inspiration was a video I had seen a few weeks ago called the The Girl Effect. It shows what can happen if a girl is given an education and a little bit of money (or a cow – watch the video!) and how that can propagate through her village, country, and lead to the betterment of the world. It is a very positive video and highly optimistic. I had been thinking about technology and economic growth from before and this video made me think about technologically empowering women in particular. So I started to think whether there is a “technological girl effect”. My project didn’t exactly end up in that direction, but I did talk about how technology can help women in developing countries, including as a way to educate them which can lead to economic empowerment. I wanted my presentation to have the same upbeat tone that the Girl Effect video has, but ended up choosing an emotional soundtrack instead, so it is still very positive, but emotional at the same time.

Technology can have such a big impact in developing nations and help them overcome the many hurdles that lie in the every day lives of their citizens; the absence of which we often take for granted.

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