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Multimedia Response

2009 April 27
by Cleo Calbot

A little late, but better than nothing, ne?

I really enjoyed looking at all of the projects, more so than I have with papers in the past. Perhaps because of the difference in medium?

The thing I noticed/liked the most was the fact that some projects did not have a sense of finality, which leaves them open to discussion. Unlike some of the papers, I feel like this project had less the sense of “washing our hands,” and more of us trying to start a conversation. And that’s awesome!

Also, because this was a multimedia presentation, I was pleased to see that there are SO many ways that gender can intersect with technology. In the case of my presentation, I was focusing mostly on the gendering of Shakespeare, and somehow the technology of cross-dressing/binding came up…Not only that, but by making a video out of my findings, an additional level of technology came into play.

I suppose my question for the creators would be: did you find this easier or harder than a paper? Why? Was it because it pushed you out of your comfort zone creatively? Or tehnologically?

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