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Thoughts on Multimedia Projects

2009 April 27
by Mista Jay

First of all, I really liked looking at everyone’s projects! I thought I would haaaate this assignment, but it turned out to be fun, and everyone’s results were great! I especially liked that a lot of the ideas that we dealt with in these projects weren’t exactly “new” per se, but just to see them in a whole different way was so refreshing. Good job, everyone 🙂

I think AH’s project is sort of similar to mine, because it asked the same question (among many others!) that I was trying to figure out: Where am I? Also, I thought Kayln‘s went together with mine. We took two different approaches, but her project dealt with identity crisis, the “who Am I?” while mine addressed the “Where am I?” I just thought they went well together.

I especially liked Baibh Cathba‘s project because it made me thinking of a whole new intersection of gender and technology: the technology of our voices. It was something we never really explored in class and it made me realize that I rely heavily on gender stereotypes to distinguish between male and female voices.

I suppose my question for everyone is: if you had an unlimited amount of resources and/or an even stronger grasp of technology, what would you change about your project in order to better illustrate your idea? Was there anything you felt that you couldn’t get across with the resources that you had? Or did you not know how to do something that you really wanted to do? If you feel that you would not change your project regardless, then why not?

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