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Thoughts on the Projects

2009 April 27
by Problem Sleuth

Man, I had so much fun with this, and going over everyone else’s. It was pretty intense.

I noticed a lot of interesting stuff with visuals, which was great. I was impressed with people’s photographic or other artistic talent, and similarly impressed with the way everyone managed to get it online in a more or less presentable fashion. It’s a welcome change from all the text in our essays.

Intersections. The project that I felt was most similar to mine was DC’s, which was pretty cool. I loved the question of what it means to try to represent our characters/avatars/online personalities well. I think it’s a really new way of looking at it; we ask whether we can be represented well without thinking about the ways in which we represent. Past that, a lot of what I saw was about breaking down this notion of identity and virtual identity, self and machine, in a way that really felt like a culmination of everything we’ve been doing in this class. It was quite exciting.

Questions for project-makers. To what degree did you feel as though you were able to express yourself adequately with technology? To what degree were you frustrated? Do you think you could have made a better project if it had just been in standard essay format? What were good/bad things about getting to do it this way?

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