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A word or two about my project

2009 April 28
by Carrie Soto

First, I had some issues getting my comic to be viewable online so I decided to upload the pictures to flickr for a better look. Hopefully the links will give you a better picture of what I actually did.

(the cover)

(first page)

(second page)

(third page)

(fourth page)

(fifth page)

Second, I wanted to briefly talk about what inspired me to do this project. I read an article, Adrienne Rich’s “Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Lesbian Existence” for one of my classes and really loved Rich’s idea about using “the lesbian existence” and “the lesbian continuum” as vocabulary instead of the term lesbianism (which for her seemed too clinical). I used the ideas from her essay for another creative project in my Intro to Film class and really wanted to continue with that into this project. The lesbian continuum, according to Rich, included all female-female relationships, not just sexual ones. I made a short film based on this idea for my Film class entitled “She” which deals with an ambiguous female relationship. I’ll leave the link for the video of it on youtube for anyone who wants to check it out and see where most of the ideas for my project came from.

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