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What the… is this the nineteen seventies?

2009 April 29
by Baibh Cathba

Um… What the…

Wait, Sugarspice! Romance novel men apparently likes the interwebs too! or perhaps it is “Paulo the Poolboy” (now with 80% less clothing) or… “Fabio the Flowerboy”.

Isn’t there some video that we can link to that, say… shows women who use the internet in a non-ditzy way?
And this: Poker face. WHAT? WHAT? (No, this is not a call akin to asking for an encore, this is BEWILDERMENT) Firstly… POKER FACE? Unless there’s more botox than I noticed, she has no poker face. Second… is it meant to be all… “technology futuristic that horribly clashed with disco”? Because All I could think was this thing… it’s blue… and she… has metal on her face? Is that a microphone? Reinforcement for her jaw? What… WHAT?

And then…
Um… Are the Black Eyed Peas even a band anymore? (The video is, however, very technology-arty…Almost seizure-inducing visual).

And for all us geeks out there, WOW is actually good for us as: Birth Control

Playing with gender dancing expectations It’s a game show, and I think it’s meant to be humorous, but I’m not sure… it’s like watching clowns. Things like Chucky and Binky the Clown have you convinced that clowns are serial killers, but… there’s always one clown for whom clowning is a seriously funny business. (Pratchett, here’s to you and Dr. Whiteface)

And here someone has messed with Tata Young’s Song and put it through some sort of vocal changer to get this: Severus Snape. You read that right, SNAPE. (It’s… the video is not as funny, but you can hear a man’s voice singing a really girly song?)

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