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taking after rebecca…

2009 May 1
by Ruth Goodlaxson

Did technology have anything to do with this change in the idea of the female body, or does it simply reflect societal changes?

I thought Rebecca had a great idea, to look back at her original questions from the class. This is the question I ended my first post with, and I’m not sure I have an answer yet – but I do think, after this course, I would frame the question differently.

Coming in, I was really interested in gender as a societal construct, but not so much interested in the technology part of the course. Now I’ve completely changed my mind; gender is still interesting, but technology has so many ways of operating in the world. Before, I asked if technology was what changed the concept of an ideal female body, or if technology reflected societal changes. Now, I see it as more of a reciprocal relationship, and I would ask “What is the relationship between technological changes and societal changes?” However, I’m not even sure how I feel about this question, because it’s difficult to draw a division between technology and society. I guess I don’t have answers yet – but maybe I will when I finish my final paper!

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