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Notes Towards Day 26: LOL

(Anne’s afterthoughts–>
on your all’s doing what I could never imagine)

I. coursekeeping
untoward comments….

processing these multi-media projects:

Anne’s great pleasure–>
along w/ a commitment never to return to conventional papers!
enjoyed add’l dimensionalities…

Yes, Can I just say Wow! There was something about these projects that got me thinking in so many different ways. I felt like they asked questions that required a response from me, that forced me to view things differently.–Laura

some questions

Mark C. Taylor, “End the University as We Know It”:
For many years, I have taught undergraduate courses in which students do not write traditional papers but develop analytic treatments in formats from hypertext and Web sites to films and video games.

Roisin: what did you learn about yourself in the process of making this project?
Did you come to any conclusions about gender, technology, or gender and technology?
How will this project inform your academic work/life in the future?

How was doing this project different from most of your papers?
Was the multi-media dimension freeing or restricting or some of both?

Kalyn: These projects succeded in giving everyone their own voice…products of our own thoughts and ideas

Roisin: With this, people seemed to feel free to question without answering. I’ve also noticed that most of these were much more self-focused than our previous classwork. I also learned that I can make an effective argument outside of traditional paper format.

Marwa: I liked having this assignment sort of open-ended, letting us explore creativity along with thinking. It might also have opened a lot more questions than a conventional paper would have.

SarahLeia: let’s just say that for me, technology limits my creative abilities….

AH: I don’t have the full technology to express myself and its really frustrating. All I have are hints and suggestions.

Aline: I had some technical difficulties, but other than that I enjoyed the freedom of the project.

Ruth: A lot of people paired images with text, and having the two sources of information at the same time was really different than just reading a paper. It was like visual support for a verbal claim – the two working together made the argument/point more relevant. For the projects which were all image, I don’t think I understood the argument without the text to explain it.

Ruth: how much did an awareness of other people’s projects effect how you made yours….?

Solomon: it was really cool making an in-game that was deliberately not like me. In a world where I’m not interacting with others, have no need to protect my identity, I’m just not sure what the implications of having a character like that are. I hope you are at least pleasently confused by my project.

III. the projects, now in conversation w/ one another…
really hard to select! we liked ’em all!

A. a series on “the self mediated by technology”

(with commentary from…
Hannah, Hillary, DC, Aline, Cat?)

B. the incomplete self: death, dying and….?
Alex M.

III. what difference do different techologies make?

static forms: the collage/mosaic?
Mista Jay

other unique forms:
hypertext: The Doctor
photography: AH, Ruth
comic: Carrie
diary: Solomon
computer-generated video: Sugar Spice
theater: Cleo
parody coursepage: Alexandra….

To be continued….