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Second Set of Panels

The panels have been assigned.
Panel I (Wed, 2/25)

administrative assistants (Mista Jay)
women telegraph operators (Hannah)
women coal miners (Farhat)
male nurses (prp)
medieval women healers (Melanie)
Indian women engineers (Shikha)
female South Asian domestic workers (Marwa)
Gullah basket makers (Aline)
Lowell Mill operatives (aaclh)
geishas (ZY)
crossdressing pirates (Baibh)
American neo-pagans (The Doctor)
women truck drivers (Diana)

Panel II (Mon, Mar. 2)
Mosuo Women of Lugu Lake, China (Roisin)
Foot-binding Chinese women (hlin)
Abinaki (Hillary)
Girl & Boy Scouts (Alexandra)
DAR (Cat)
ivfertilized women (Michelle)
romance novel readers (Sugar Spice)
pro-feminist men (Natasha)
online trans support groups (lparrish)
female body builders (Roldine)
feminist bloggers (Melinda)
aggressive college students (Rebecca)
1950s middle class (Solomon)

Panel III (Wed, Mar. 4)
Guerrilla Girls (Anna)
male fashion designers (Nat)
big time magazine editors (Maddie)
female dominatrixes (George)
Playboy playmates (Simran)
professional women dancers (Ashley)
male bellydancers (Ruth)
female pop stars (SarahLeia)
cosplayers (Cleo)
bugchasers (JS)
WWII women factory workers (Carrie)
roller girls (Alex M)
CBS Survivor (Guinevere)
primates (AH)
female gamers (Kalyn)

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