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Paper Assignments

Paper Assignments for Computer Science/English/Film Studies/Gender & Sexuality 257

Within the broad topic of this class and the particular focus indicated on the syllabus for each paper assignment …

  • Pick a topic interesting to you that might be manageably handled within the page limit.
  • Think about that subject; review the readings from class; read some additional material about the subject in other on-line or print sources.
  • Write an interesting, accessible paper about what has changed in your understandings as a result of your review; make sure that you locate your explorations within the context of our class discussions.
  • The paper should make it clear at the outset what its point is, provide in the middle material that supports that point, and end by showing how the material taken together does so, and what new questions that in turn raises.
  • It is courteous to make attributions to sources for ideas that were useful to you. Such attributions may also provide useful guides for readers who want to further explore related issues. It is essential to make attributions and use quotation marks in any case where you use strings of words (sentences, paragraphs) that were originally written by others. This should be restricted to situations where you explicitly wish for some reason to call attention to how some particular person said something. In general, you should say things in your own words, since the process of creating words is an important part of thinking.

Paper Preparation and Submission

Papers need to be submitted both as hard copy and electronically. First write your paper as you normally would, using any word processing program, but avoid complicated formatting (tables, lists, elaborate fonts/styles). List citations alphabetically at the end. Items in that list should be cited by parenthetical references in the text.

When you have completed writing your paper

  • Anne’s students should print off a copy and deliver it to her mailbox in English House;
    Laura’s should email them to her at
  • Go to the Dashboard and go to Write–>Page. Type in your title and then paste your paper into the text box. If you want, you can fiddle with the formatting. Make sure it’s readable
  • In order for the paper to appear in the “papers” archive, you need to make that page its parent. In the Advanced Options section, you should do two things. One, under Custom Fields, choose Name and in the larger box labeled “value,” type in your blog name. Two, under “Page Parent,” Select “Web Paper 1, 2, etc.” (whatever’s appropriate). Now your paper will show up as a link on that page with your name under it.
  • Click on the “publish” button.

Stay calm. We are looking forward to reading your papers,
and to seeing what response they generate on the world-wide web.

E-mail or if you have any problems.

Writing Groups For Second 1/2 of Semester (they’ve flipped!)
Anne’s Group:

Alex M.
Alexandra Funk
Baibh Cathba
Carrie Soto
Cat Durante
Cleo Calbot
Anna Dela Cruz
Diana Ekman
Farhat Rahman
George Fayne
Hannah Mueller
Hillary Cleveland
jonathan stafstrom
Kalyn Schofield

Laura’s Group:
Madeline Reid
Marwa Muhammad
Melanie Bruchet
Melinda C.
Michelle Bennett
Mista Jay
Nat Armentrout
Rebecca Church
Roisin Foley
Roldine Richard
Ruth Goodlaxson
Shikha Prashad
Simran Singh
Solomon Lutze
Sugar Spice
The Doctor