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My Utopia???

2009 January 27
by Hillary

At first when asked to come up with an image for my utopia with gender and technology i had a hard time coming up with one, then i realized that is because i really like where i am now. I am comfortable in this place where women can be interested in whatever they want to be interested in, such has technology (e.g. computers). I realize that i have had a privileged upbringing where i was allowed to be interested in whatever i wanted to be interested in, and thusly didn’t really even notice technology genderizing me. I notice things after the fact, like the fact that it is odd that i am a woman really interested in computers and multimedia in general. So my utopic image is an image of a group of women working on very nice computers without any help. This is my utopia, and my reality. Women are all different and some may be afraid of technology, math and science (see comic), but some women really enjoy working on and/ or with computers. Making all of these different terms to describe why people do things and why things are the way that they are will always be subject to pit falls.

oh and one more foxtrot for good measure:

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  1. Guinevere permalink
    January 27, 2009

    As a math major, I am so offended by this comic.

    It’s only redeeming quality is that it is actually true that thinking about a problem in a different way can really help you solve it.

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